Momma has seen so many asks about this, and it must end.


There are tree things that Momma will be angry at you for- maldirected hate, willful ignorance, and BINDING WITH ACE BANDAGES.

What happens when you bind with ace bandages? If you wear them too long where you’re MEANT to, it will cause bruising and swelling like on the foot above.

If you are LUCKY, you will crack a rib or faint and stop binding improperly.

If you are UNLUCKY, you will have the long-term repercussions. These include, but are not limited to scoliosis (pictured above), muscle damage, bruising, rib warping, pain, and breathing issues.

This is because Ace Bandages are made to reduce swelling. When you breathe, your ribs expand to make room for the air. The Ace Bandages register this as swelling, so with every breath you take, they will bind and restrict tighter.

In a worst-case scenario, your bones will be deformed. You will never be able to bind ever again, even if you use proper methods. Your breathing will be severely impaired.

This is advice for anybody who is thinking about binding. Please, PLEASE, bind properly.

Momma loves you, and doesn’t want to see you get hurt.